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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Window seat

Spike has a favorite resting place - the desktop in front of our south window. When the sun comes through, he lies in the heat and has a nap.  He hops up and down on the old piano bench that is the perfect mid-height.

He's starting to own the house. He feels free to roam and explore and has torn up a kleenex from the garbage a few times. He loves to chase his tail, too. Makes me laugh.

How relaxing and energizing to have a little dog in the house. When I wake up and it feels "too early" but it's time to take Spike for a walk (7am), he gets me out the door and into the fresh air. One day after another, he's getting the hang of our routines: going outside for walks on the leash where he can forge ahead or the one where we "go for a walk" and brook no argument; jumping into the crate because there are always goodies in there when we say, "Go to bed!"; hopping on my lap when I call him over.

How did we manage without him? Thank you God for little Spike.

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