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Monday, May 17, 2010

Lamb bones

Spike played with a new beanie baby (Grad 1999 owl) and I sewed up a sock, stuffed with down and feathers, and surrounded by fine camo netting, with a ribbon hanging out. As a bonus, I put a tiny bit peanut butter under the "wings." What a toy. He was getting a bit bored with his old squeaky soft toys, but went crazy for these new ones. Played fetch and toss-the-poor-thing-to-play-catch for a long while. Made me laugh.

We just finished up our evening walk, sun shining, kids playing on the school grounds where Spike loves to run circles around us. He snapped his retractable leash in the park, but came right to us when we called him. Whew. Quick repair, no disaster (park is fenced). We'll get a better retractable leash! This morning, he walked perfectly beside us most of the way (about 4 km) on the red "Go for a walk" leash, so he may be getting the hang of that command.

Tonight we passed a Shih Tzu (Sophie) who was 5 lbs heavier than Spike - her master and mistress kept petting Spike, saying how cute he was, and that he looks like their dog. The haircut helps "cute" him up, but he is friendly and outgoing that people like him. Spike looks like a darling pup while being a laid-back adult most of the time. He's learning good manners. From photos online, I'm wondering if he isn't Yorkie/Maltese or Shih Tzu/Yorkie.

We had lamb for supper tonight. I put a little piece in Spike's crate just before our walk. Talk about a rocket launch into the crate after the walk. HA HA. Jono said Spike eagerly jumps into the crate on command for him too. Yes, Jono also had put a little piece of chicken in there the other day. "Go to bed" is a GOOD thing. Tonight, I told Spike not to yip, and he quieted down immediately.

I saved the big lamb bone after supper. Spike can gnaw it tomorrow in the kennel. I watched him eat one last week, and he's not able to crack it, just sucks out the marrow and chews on it. The leftover bone stayed in the kennel overnight: I needed to see if raccoons or other animals can get in and out when the door is shut.

Yup. Since it has a solid wire roof, the scavenger must have lifted the sides with their sharp points and reached under. Means it's not a safe place to leave Spike on his own. It's still a great a place for him to relax off-leash if I'm gardening or reading nearby (4X8'). Someone gave us a plastic dog house yesterday, a generous medium size that the free second dog bed fits. I put a piece of memory foam under the dog bed, so it will be comfy if Spike wants to nap out of sun or rain while I'm working.

It's fun spoiling Spike when he doesn't even know it. Like God, giving his children eyes that see in color and noses that smell 1001 options. We don't even know how good we have it!


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my little Mistaya's blog. I have read your story about Spike and it is wonderful...he is a very cute dog!
    Please stop back by our blog anytime and we would be thrilled if you would be a follower in Mistaya's blog. We are following yours and looking forward to reading more about Spikes adventures.
    I am going to post your blog address on Mistaya's blog so all of our dog friends may stop by your blog too. Hugs and wags, Mistaya and her mom Gail

  2. Woof! Woof! Good to meet you Spike. I'm Sugar. Looking forward to your visit to my blog and be blog friends. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Hi Spike and Mom!!! We read about you over on Mistaya's blog. You are quite handsome and most of all you are very lucky to have found a new home. We'll look forward to reading all about your adventures.
    Madi and Mom