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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Waiting and learning

Poor Spike. I'm trying to train him to go potty on astro-turf so we can have a quick 'go' anywhere, like the show dogs do. Somewhere in his past he KNOWS it's bad to pee on carpet. He must view the artificial turf as carpet. Sigh. We stood outside for 1 1/2 hours this morning without success.

Finally we walked up and down the driveway a few times to loosen him up enough to go at all. And that was after a 1 mile walk, after coming out of the crate in the morning. The turf now has the smell on it, at least. Don't know if that will help, but we'll try again in an hour or so.

He's eating in his crate. I bought two dishes to hang on the door - it makes the "go to bed" more rewarding. He does hate to be cooped up and resists entry. He rarely complains though. It's not for long, Spikey. Hang in there!

Photo: Sunday, getting his strokes on Jono's lap.

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