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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Green Lake

After a 2 mile walk this morning, Spike was ready to rumble. He fetched, ran around the house, and insisted I pay attention to him. I had to crate him to leave for a lunch meeting, and didn't get back until 4. BUT

lucky dog, we walked 3 miles around Green Lake after he got a few pieces of chicken from W's chicken taco (best Taco van is on 45th!) So many firsts to experience. He could hardly stand all the dogs and people going by. It took a while to settle him into a walk on the leash. I thought he'd rip his neck off with all the pulling, but after about a mile he was walking with a nice slack leash and paying attention to everything. Doggie heaven? So much to see and smell.

He was weary when we arrived home and hopped into the crate without a fuss for a last piece of chicken and water water water. Poor thing was thirsty. Good fun, good day. We're all ready for a good night's sleep.

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