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Monday, May 24, 2010

Dance the dog?

We're trying to get Spike to walk beside rather than ahead of us. The trajectory of the leash is such that he can get an easy foot-length ahead of our feet, on a loose lead. Mostly we have been turning in another direction and get him to pay attention by finding out he's going the wrong way. He's definitely got the terrier streak that pulls ahead if unchecked.

Yesterday we tried the treats routine, rewarding him for walking properly. It had us in giggles - he started dancing on his hind legs anticipating a reward. He is a funny dog. In the video, I obviously rewarded him for the wrong thing. He treats me like a generous idiot. dance not walk

Pet owners need much more training than pets. Today is another day. He got a few snacks for walking well on our 3 km outing. With no dancing. That's part of the fun once we've nailed the basics.


  1. That was cute. He will dance beside you as long as the treats hold out but walking might take awhile longer.

    Just stopping by from Mistaya's blog.

  2. I love keeping up with you and Spike! How are you? I have a new foster, his name is Jasper. Big dog, but a gentle giant!

  3. I'm doing great, enjoying being home to study. Getting some serious work done, finally.

    Good for you for carrying on with Jasper. I can't imagine not having Spike around. What a cheerful companion. THANK YOU, THANK YOU...

    How are you doing?