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Friday, May 7, 2010

Where did the week go?

We were at the small-dog off-leash park for the first time yesterday. Spike has good manners, although he barks at men when they don't feel safe to him. Not a bad trait. He chased around a bunch of other little dogs and let me know he was ready to go home after about 20 minutes. He went and stood by the gate until I clipped the leash on and headed us to the car.

After a 1.5 mile walk this morning, Spike was ready for some real action. He fetched for a while, worked on his stair skills (jumping up to a chair then the desk and back down the chair to the rug), and had a long snooze while I studied. We had overnight company, and Jay remarked what a good dog Spike is. He's so polite! and hasn't had any accidents since the first day. He comes around to be petted and then heads off to another space to chase a ball or kill a toy.

He had to wait in the crate while I cycled into Kirkland for lunch and a college event, but we went for a few short outings up the driveway to "go outside" and get the mail. Then we crated him while we had dinner in Edmonds. Afterwards, we went for a couple of laps around Rhododendron Park at the bottom of the hill. He was very fierce in letting the other dogs know he wanted to play.

I put him back in his dog pack almost as soon as we came home: a lady had called that she had dog food we could have for free. Spike can see out the car windows and see me, but he can't get out of the backpack. Perfect. He's well-mannered though not enthusiastic about sitting down to have the collar put on. The restraint is better than getting flung around a car, any day.

I can't believe it's the end of another week. It feels like Spike has lived here forever.

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