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Friday, March 25, 2011

Short walk, hard study

I'm thick into the dissertation proposal phase. Still working on it after a year! For crying out loud. This is taking longer than I thought the entire dissertation would take. If they'd let me run with my question, I would have been mostly finished. Instead of doing, I'm fiddling with academia's need for perfect wording of what I want to do. Sigh. Play the game = play by their rules to get the prize. Efficiency has nothing to do with it.

As the dogs dragged me from tree to tree after an "okay,"  their release from a calm walk beside me, I realized again how vital they are to my well-being. There is NO chance at all that I would have gotten up early to walk around the block. We did a long mile in the drizzle, raincoats on. As usual, the dogs garnered many comments from kids and their parents, passing us on their way to school. Good doggies!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snoring beauty

Spike opens one eye to identify the grinding noise. I glance toward him. "Yup, she may be a beauty, but she snores."

I can't imagine life without Bella. She's curled in a ball in the bed she prefers today, snuffling in her dreams. Being the princess, she usually tries out both dog beds in the office for the one without a pea. She wriggles around, scratches her back on the base, and then settles in for a nap. Only then will Spike, apparently the bed-choice underling, hop into the one she leaves empty.

Two sleeping beauties lie quiet and content beside my desk, after their breakfast of fish oil over kibble. They're happily tired out by our four-mile cycling adventure earlier. Good doggies!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yeah for chicken

The dogs are eating raw chicken this week. I bought a small chicken at the market (= 7 mealtimes when cut up) and the dogs LOVE it. There's not a shred of bone or skin or meat left when they're done, but the crate bedding smells gamey from the juices. Yup, I forget to take it out when they eat.

They are eager to jump into the crates for breakfast. After our 2 mile walk today, Spike leaped into the crate and would not come out... he smelled food. His waist has disappeared, so he's on calorie reduction (less food) and probably looking for anything he can gulp down. They're resting for the next hour, as usual. Then we'll play some fetch games, I'll send off part of a paper, and the day will be in full swing. What good doggies!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday rest

We were at a wedding and a 50th anniversary yesterday afternoon. Bella talked to us for 5 minutes when we walked in the door. It was hilarious to hear her repertoire of "I'm so glad to see you!" Poodles are honestly the funniest dogs. She danced on her hind legs, did spins, jumped around, and gave us the warmest welcome ever. Wow.

Spikester kept running up and away, and finally sat down right by my feet. Glad to be home, too, you two.

Today, after our morning walk, all the kids were home for lunch. The dogs got lots of pats and strokes. We're trying to slim Spike down a pound or two, and he's finding the lack of snacking hard going. Poor guy; he lives to eat. The smell of pizza was killing him.

The dogs are napping. Bella's been working hard at dismembering another Beanie baby. She is persistent! They had a 30 minute walk on the treadmill, and will be ready for a little treat and bed in a few hours. Good doggies!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tinkle trap

Of course, my HUSBAND stepped in the pee left beside the dog bed in the kitchen. I got really annoyed. The dogs had been in and out all day, every two hours for a potty break. And some dog left a puddle without ringing the front doorbell to go out (our usual custom).

Ugh. Wipe the spill, toss the paper towel, soap and hot water, toss the paper towel.

I suspect Spike. He hasn't had an accident since we brought him home from Alexis' place, but she keeps a pee band around him in the house. I've never seen Bella mark the house.

When I considered keeping Missy (who is completely housetrained), Spike's unreliability put him on the hot spot. Luckily for him, the kids protested loudly and Spike has stayed put. Missy went to another home where she is loved and fits in perfectly.

Spike is so CUTE and otherwise a fantastic pet. It's just really annoying that he's not 100% reliable, especially after nearly a year. I'm considering keeping a belly band -- as well as my usual sharp eye -- on him in the house. Yeah, he's safe with us as his forever home. Forgive... and forget already. That was yesterday.

They got me out the door and walking again this morning. Good doggies.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Haircut day

Yesterday was shampoo and haircut day for both dogs. Spike lucked out with a full body trim, down from 2" of shag to 1/2" of hair. He shivered a bit this morning when we went for a bike ride, but warmed up when the blood started flowing to his skin. (My view from the bike is in the photos.)

Bella just got a face trim. I love her hair long, and after putting a bit of diluted cream rinse on her, she brushed out easily. Hmmm. Why didn't I think of that before?

I'm still using the name tag lanyard with two loops on the end as a coupler. Works great, and they've never run into the wheels with the Walky-Dog extension from the seat post. Bella will occasionally walk through the center of the bike when we stop for Spike's potty break. We never move until they're sorted out on the right side.

Bella is quite the puller - I feel like I'm on a dog sled early in the run when they're both straining to go faster, faster! I let them pull me if I feel like it's maximum speed they should go... 11mph is my limit for such little dogs. After a mile or two, they're trotting alongside happily, first rush of energy worn off. Then it's a nice jog for a few more miles before we got home. Bella takes a nap; Spike wanders the house. Then it's time for breakfast and a rest in the crates.

They look cute with their red harnesses. We're usually out when the elementary kids are going to school. Many stop to wave at them, and the little girls love when they have coats on against the weather.

We were happy to have dry roads and moderate temperature on our outing today. I always appreciate a rainless morning... though it seems like Spike has picked up a predictable habit of wiping his feet on the front mat before entering the house. Thanks for that, Alexis!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

They're home!

The dogs are doing their first evening walk on the treadmill in a week and a half. Today, I picked them up from their home-away-from-home with Alexas. She does a great job watching them anytime we're gone. With two dogs of her own--the laidback, Great Dane/Heeler mix named Chaos and new girl on the block, Havanese Missy--her house was full indeed.

"When I get home from school, I flop on the couch and all the dogs sit near me. I pet them all, and then they settle down." Sounds like doggie heaven. "I just love having them around! We'll miss them." Her two young nieces, frequent visitors, have fallen in love with Spike and Missy, so they often walk all four dogs together. Poodle Bella prefers Alexas' mother, so everyone's happy.

I was amused to see one of the young girls hooking a protective finger around terrier Spike's collar so he couldn't bolt out the door. "I like him best!" she exclaimed, having a hard time giving him up.

"Please bring them by if you'd like, anytime, for a dog play-date," Alexas said. We just may do that. Chaos had been reluctant to accept other dogs in the past. After only two weeks, Missy sprawls on him, climbs over him, and generally has become a buddy. Chaos' separation anxiety during the few hours without adults has disappeared with Missy's company.

I missed them and am glad to have them home. Good doggies!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crufts magazine

Free copy online - with video on massaging your dog.

Travel blues

I hate being without the dogs. Today W and I went for a walk from the hotel to breakfast, shivering in the blustery cold winds of Memphis. I missed holding the leash and watching that I don't step on the dogs when they first frisk around my feet coming up the driveway.

I also miss their antics. They are good distractions when I am overwhelmed by too many books. Here, I find myself gnawing my fingernails without furry coats to stroke.

I'll be calling their minder today to check how they are doing. And I'm happy to be home soon to have them jump all around me in welcome. That's one of the best parts of seeing them again. Good doggies.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not a poodle

Bella IS a poodle. Watching her bounce around, above, and under Spike makes me laugh. She is a happy clown. She's also incredibly smart.

Spike was billed as a poodle mix. Not so.

Today I went online to see what chihuahua and terrier mixes looked like. The short answer? Spike! (photos of Spike-look-alikes.) No wonder he has boundless energy and crazy habits. He chewed up my cycling shorts yesterday, ripping the chamois to bits. At least he left the pieces for me! Ugh.

Right now, he's in the room next door. Bella with her poodle brain easily figures out how to get out of the room. Spike paws at the door (closing it more) and whines once in a while for help. I'd better go rescue him. Bella's sleeping peacefully near me. Good (well, mostly good) doggies.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poodle belles

We start the morning with a windy, wet walk. The dogs have their blue raincoats on, covering legs and most of their tummy with plastic. It doesn't seem to keep the heat in though. Spike shivers as we walk, so we make it a quick 1.5 miles.

It's hard to believe that it was snowing last week. W and I took the dogs walking with boots on. Bella's were a stiff neoprene. She kept losing one, though the others stayed on. I put a silly, puffy bug costume under her regular coat to keep her warm. (No way would I put it on her without a cover coat!)

The second day of snow, I put Spike's black shoes on Bella, and those worked great. Spike seems less sensitive to cold feet than she.

I had to teach a university course this afternoon, so the dogs waited, wrapped in coats, in the conservatory. They were happy to see me. But they were even happier when W came home and gave them bread crusts to chew. Bella ran up to the office dog bed to crunch on hers beside me. Spike devoured his and stayed in the kitchen in case more was coming his way. They seem happy to be back together as a pack.

Meanwhile, Missy the Havanese threw up 4X at her new place today. Green. Spike hauled an avocado skin out of the garbage yesterday, and I'll bet she got some. Not the best introduction to her new home. But with Kaos, the big Great Dane/Coonhound mix on one side of Alexis, and Missy on the other side, they snuggled on the couch and kept each other good company.

Good doggies!