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Friday, March 18, 2011

Tinkle trap

Of course, my HUSBAND stepped in the pee left beside the dog bed in the kitchen. I got really annoyed. The dogs had been in and out all day, every two hours for a potty break. And some dog left a puddle without ringing the front doorbell to go out (our usual custom).

Ugh. Wipe the spill, toss the paper towel, soap and hot water, toss the paper towel.

I suspect Spike. He hasn't had an accident since we brought him home from Alexis' place, but she keeps a pee band around him in the house. I've never seen Bella mark the house.

When I considered keeping Missy (who is completely housetrained), Spike's unreliability put him on the hot spot. Luckily for him, the kids protested loudly and Spike has stayed put. Missy went to another home where she is loved and fits in perfectly.

Spike is so CUTE and otherwise a fantastic pet. It's just really annoying that he's not 100% reliable, especially after nearly a year. I'm considering keeping a belly band -- as well as my usual sharp eye -- on him in the house. Yeah, he's safe with us as his forever home. Forgive... and forget already. That was yesterday.

They got me out the door and walking again this morning. Good doggies.

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