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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poodle belles

We start the morning with a windy, wet walk. The dogs have their blue raincoats on, covering legs and most of their tummy with plastic. It doesn't seem to keep the heat in though. Spike shivers as we walk, so we make it a quick 1.5 miles.

It's hard to believe that it was snowing last week. W and I took the dogs walking with boots on. Bella's were a stiff neoprene. She kept losing one, though the others stayed on. I put a silly, puffy bug costume under her regular coat to keep her warm. (No way would I put it on her without a cover coat!)

The second day of snow, I put Spike's black shoes on Bella, and those worked great. Spike seems less sensitive to cold feet than she.

I had to teach a university course this afternoon, so the dogs waited, wrapped in coats, in the conservatory. They were happy to see me. But they were even happier when W came home and gave them bread crusts to chew. Bella ran up to the office dog bed to crunch on hers beside me. Spike devoured his and stayed in the kitchen in case more was coming his way. They seem happy to be back together as a pack.

Meanwhile, Missy the Havanese threw up 4X at her new place today. Green. Spike hauled an avocado skin out of the garbage yesterday, and I'll bet she got some. Not the best introduction to her new home. But with Kaos, the big Great Dane/Coonhound mix on one side of Alexis, and Missy on the other side, they snuggled on the couch and kept each other good company.

Good doggies!

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