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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday rest

We were at a wedding and a 50th anniversary yesterday afternoon. Bella talked to us for 5 minutes when we walked in the door. It was hilarious to hear her repertoire of "I'm so glad to see you!" Poodles are honestly the funniest dogs. She danced on her hind legs, did spins, jumped around, and gave us the warmest welcome ever. Wow.

Spikester kept running up and away, and finally sat down right by my feet. Glad to be home, too, you two.

Today, after our morning walk, all the kids were home for lunch. The dogs got lots of pats and strokes. We're trying to slim Spike down a pound or two, and he's finding the lack of snacking hard going. Poor guy; he lives to eat. The smell of pizza was killing him.

The dogs are napping. Bella's been working hard at dismembering another Beanie baby. She is persistent! They had a 30 minute walk on the treadmill, and will be ready for a little treat and bed in a few hours. Good doggies!

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  1. Our heart goes out to spike for his unwanted diet. Mistaya is in the same boat and hating it!!! She needs to loose several pounds. Maggie on the other hand, has never had anything but her dog food and dog biscuits so she can lay right beside me on the couch while I am eating a snack and she shows no interest at all. I love it!!! I just wish we had done the same thing with Mistaya when she was a baby. It is such a pleasure to have a dog around that doesn't know to beg! It is amazing.
    Hugs, Gail, Mistaya, and Maggie