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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yeah for chicken

The dogs are eating raw chicken this week. I bought a small chicken at the market (= 7 mealtimes when cut up) and the dogs LOVE it. There's not a shred of bone or skin or meat left when they're done, but the crate bedding smells gamey from the juices. Yup, I forget to take it out when they eat.

They are eager to jump into the crates for breakfast. After our 2 mile walk today, Spike leaped into the crate and would not come out... he smelled food. His waist has disappeared, so he's on calorie reduction (less food) and probably looking for anything he can gulp down. They're resting for the next hour, as usual. Then we'll play some fetch games, I'll send off part of a paper, and the day will be in full swing. What good doggies!

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