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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Haircut day

Yesterday was shampoo and haircut day for both dogs. Spike lucked out with a full body trim, down from 2" of shag to 1/2" of hair. He shivered a bit this morning when we went for a bike ride, but warmed up when the blood started flowing to his skin. (My view from the bike is in the photos.)

Bella just got a face trim. I love her hair long, and after putting a bit of diluted cream rinse on her, she brushed out easily. Hmmm. Why didn't I think of that before?

I'm still using the name tag lanyard with two loops on the end as a coupler. Works great, and they've never run into the wheels with the Walky-Dog extension from the seat post. Bella will occasionally walk through the center of the bike when we stop for Spike's potty break. We never move until they're sorted out on the right side.

Bella is quite the puller - I feel like I'm on a dog sled early in the run when they're both straining to go faster, faster! I let them pull me if I feel like it's maximum speed they should go... 11mph is my limit for such little dogs. After a mile or two, they're trotting alongside happily, first rush of energy worn off. Then it's a nice jog for a few more miles before we got home. Bella takes a nap; Spike wanders the house. Then it's time for breakfast and a rest in the crates.

They look cute with their red harnesses. We're usually out when the elementary kids are going to school. Many stop to wave at them, and the little girls love when they have coats on against the weather.

We were happy to have dry roads and moderate temperature on our outing today. I always appreciate a rainless morning... though it seems like Spike has picked up a predictable habit of wiping his feet on the front mat before entering the house. Thanks for that, Alexis!

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