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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

They're home!

The dogs are doing their first evening walk on the treadmill in a week and a half. Today, I picked them up from their home-away-from-home with Alexas. She does a great job watching them anytime we're gone. With two dogs of her own--the laidback, Great Dane/Heeler mix named Chaos and new girl on the block, Havanese Missy--her house was full indeed.

"When I get home from school, I flop on the couch and all the dogs sit near me. I pet them all, and then they settle down." Sounds like doggie heaven. "I just love having them around! We'll miss them." Her two young nieces, frequent visitors, have fallen in love with Spike and Missy, so they often walk all four dogs together. Poodle Bella prefers Alexas' mother, so everyone's happy.

I was amused to see one of the young girls hooking a protective finger around terrier Spike's collar so he couldn't bolt out the door. "I like him best!" she exclaimed, having a hard time giving him up.

"Please bring them by if you'd like, anytime, for a dog play-date," Alexas said. We just may do that. Chaos had been reluctant to accept other dogs in the past. After only two weeks, Missy sprawls on him, climbs over him, and generally has become a buddy. Chaos' separation anxiety during the few hours without adults has disappeared with Missy's company.

I missed them and am glad to have them home. Good doggies!

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