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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not a poodle

Bella IS a poodle. Watching her bounce around, above, and under Spike makes me laugh. She is a happy clown. She's also incredibly smart.

Spike was billed as a poodle mix. Not so.

Today I went online to see what chihuahua and terrier mixes looked like. The short answer? Spike! (photos of Spike-look-alikes.) No wonder he has boundless energy and crazy habits. He chewed up my cycling shorts yesterday, ripping the chamois to bits. At least he left the pieces for me! Ugh.

Right now, he's in the room next door. Bella with her poodle brain easily figures out how to get out of the room. Spike paws at the door (closing it more) and whines once in a while for help. I'd better go rescue him. Bella's sleeping peacefully near me. Good (well, mostly good) doggies.

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