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Monday, February 28, 2011

Funny girls

After a morning walk, the dogs eat breakfast and then settle in for a nap. Spike's under the weather, eating grass on our walk, and for the first time I can remember, refusing food. He lies in his crate for an hour, goes out for another few grass blades, then settles on my lap. Bella settles in for a sleep beside Misty, the Havanese who's here for the week. We have no more snarling from Bella. Misty will go to a teen gal (they met last night) who is looking forward to girl doggie company.

Bella is having a blast. One of Missy's toys is a ladybug. I couldn't figure out the big deal about it. It was cute, but had a hard core. Hmmm. Bella surprised me by finding a pull cord under the ladybug tail. She tugs it with her teeth and watches it hiss its way back into the toy. When she finally lets it go, Spike shakes it, tries to find a squeaker, and does a manly toss and chase. They're different personalities.

Bella has become quite the destroyer of Beanie Babies. She patiently pulls out the eyes and nose, then starts on the stuffing. We have plastic pellets and soft fluff throughout the house until I pick it up. She loves to pull out the squeaker and bite it to bits. Other than that, she doesn't chew on other things.

Missy is calm, friendly to all, and relaxed. She loves to come over for hugs and pats and stopped jumping on us after we put out our knee a few times. She's SO smart and quick to learn! A few tugs on the leash, and no more pulling. She will make Alexis a good companion. I planned to keep her for a week-long evaluation, but if I don't hand her off, she might end up staying... not a possibility, according to my husband.

Good doggies, one and all.

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