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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rain city

 It's rainy and sandy on the roads again. Ugh. At least there's more light, earlier and later. By 6.30, there was a lightening of the sky, something I haven't noticed since last fall.

We tried the yellow raincoat on Bella a few weeks ago, and she kept looking down and stepping on the front skirt. She still sniffs around at the beginning of the walk, and we're working on "heads up."

Spike on the other hand is less aware of his indignities and jogged with it on, even though his legs are shorter. He doesn't play around until about halfway through the walk when he gets permission. We put an Outward Hound raincoat on him most mornings, with a few pebbles in each side pocket. He got a reprieve to yellow slicker and trotted along without a problem. He looks a bit like a seal or otter, smooth head sticking out of the plastic opening.

For Bella, we decided on a red girly coat, which she seems to like. Someone gave it to us with some dog sweaters. It hugs her better, and is a bit shorter so less protective. So, she's dirtier, but happier. At least her back isn't soaked and soiled when we get back to the house.

Upon coming inside after the walk, I "wipe your feet," taking their paws and cleaning them on the rug. Bella has mastered the "wipe, wipe!" on one blanket of the entry bench. I wish she'd stay on the entry rug like Spike does, scooting around until he's clean and dry. But nope, it's every dog for itself... she swipes her sides back and forth to tidy up or scratch after we take the coats or sweaters off. Good doggies!

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