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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So that's how it's done!

We bought a steel comb for Bella, and each time she came in the door today, I combed through another limb or part of her curly body hair. What a huge difference in taking out the tangles!

The groomer took photos of Bella "after" her session Sunday, and I thought it was a nice thing of her to do. Barkers, Edmonds.

It would be nice to keep Bella matt-free. It's quite a feat with poodles. They are inclined to snarl their hair when it gets wet, scratched by a paw, or tucked into a coat. One or the other happens nearly every day, let's face it.

The groomer mentioned Bella's dry skin and suggested oil or fat in her food daily, and washing no more than once a month. Hence the comb. It took the groomer 45 extra minutes to free the knots, and I use the slicker brush regularly. I can't imagine if I just leave Bella for a month... our slicker is too fine to untangle her without scratching her skin.

She didn't seem to mind the comb-outs. A true girl. I used the same comb to pet Spike, and he just reveled in the light all-over scratch. Good doggies!

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