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Friday, February 25, 2011

War zone

(Left: imagine the photo is of black dogs) You'd think we were in a war zone. Today I watch carefully how the dogs get to growling and rolling around the floor.

1. Spike walks over to Bella. Really close. Brushes against her. Lies back down about 1 foot away, chews on his foot, and growls.
2. Bella walks over to Spike, leans on his head. Rolls over and opens her jaws on his face, growling fiercely.
3. Spike bounces his face in Bella's mouth, growls, paws at her.
4. She rolls over, continues the game, chews his front feet while he chews her ears and head.

It sounds very mean and intimidating. If a dog came toward me, sounding like that, I'd freeze!

But they are having such a blast. Breakfast has been consumed, they've had a nap in the crate, and they're ready to play. Good doggies!

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