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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dogs in coats

We were out in the conservatory most of the day: the dogs cuddled up near the heater while I studied. It was sunny but freezing on our walk this morning: all of us were happy to be back in the house.

We've got a plethora of dogs wandering the neighborhood, peeing in everyone else's yards. The neighbor's terrier was all alone across the street, no owner in sight. It's dangerous and irritating, because Spike now scoots up the driveway to sniff around. I have to put him on the long leash, something I didn't do for months because he stayed close to home. Bella would do whatever he does. With him on the leash, she stays near the front door like she always has.

Our other neighbor's dog starts a ruckus if our dogs go out the door. He's a mean-looking medium sized mutt with a vicious bark. The teen owner and his friends built a fence around their yard so the dog at least is not loose.

Bella and Spike were not happy that I put them on the coffee table for a photo shoot the other day. It took 2 minutes, and they patiently hung in there. (See the photos? Not happy.)

Spike is getting more and more pug-like in shape. Squarish back legs, and his chest is filling out. Don't know if he's eating too much (weighs nearly 13 lbs) or if he's putting on heavy muscle from all the exercise. Bella's sturdier than she used to be, but still looks oh-so-skinny at bath time. I've let her hair grow out for winter, and she's usually warm with or without the coats. Today at 30oF was definitely a coat day. Good doggies!

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