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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Small and blurry though the photo is, it shows what Spike and I are doing. Walking. And walking, morning and evening. He rarely pulls and only gets distracted from our walk by other animals. He loves birds and cats, but moans when a dog walks by. "Please! Play with me!"

Yesterday at the park, three pre-adolescent boys stopped to help with socialization - they petted him and fussed over him. He was great. Whoever had him before probably didn't mistreat him (except for neglect!!!) He's happy and friendly to all. We were a bit worried that he wouldn't like men, but he's equally cheerful with Jono, W, and me.

He had fun biting his tail and chasing it around in circles in the office. I was waiting for him to fall down in a dizzy fit, but he paused just long enough, looked in the mirror to steady his balance, and off he went again, growling fiercely. He tried nipping me this morning when I took his toy, so I cuffed him (reflex) and that was that. The Roomba vacuum provided him with a half hour of barking and growling opportunities. It zooms around the room cleaning, paying no attention to his fierce objections.

We're off to the neighborhood vet this morning to get a once-over. Freebee, as a courtesy to rescued dogs. We're trying the carseat/ backpack (Dog-Gone).

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