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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Party puppy

I picked up a commercial Oster dog dryer for $20 (Craigslist moving sale; retail $600!) Wow, it is HUGE with its wheeled stand, but just fantastic. I would have loved that for Katy, our previous doggy, a miniature poodle growing out show hair.

Spike got a nice warm shower and then a brush-dry this afternoon. He was happier this time than with his first bath. No struggle, more pleasure in the warm water and warm air streaming by. He was quite frisky when we were done. And ooooh so soft. From photos online (right, not Spikey), I'm betting he's a shih-tsu and poodle mix; same white chest and black hair, round eyes, approx. size.

We had 10 people around the dining table for 3 hours of discussion about theology tonight - and Spike was a hit with all. Everyone wants to babysit him when we teach overseas this summer. "Are we home those weeks?" several spouses asked their mates. He went from person to person for hugs and petting. I put him in his crate at 8 (an hour past his usual bedtime), but they asked me to get him again. "He's no bother, please let him join us," so we did.

Just before company left, one of the guys reached down and picked up Spike in the entryway, stroking him for 5 minutes as we talked and said goodbye. "I bet he's a great companion for you," said one of our friends. Yes. Spike relaxed and enjoyed it all. And he went happily into his crate after everyone left. Good dog!

Spike is quiet, observant, and flexible in his like of people at gatherings. There's no nervousness in his approach to strangers, dog or human. He's barked at few people, usually very tall men with whom I don't feel safe. I take his pup-insight as fair warning. I thank God for such a lovely little creature.

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