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Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday monday

Two waves of company came by the house today. After Spike and I took a 2 mile walk and got home at 8, it was time to check email. He was restless. Playful. Demanding. So we played fetch until he got tired of it.

The first company, due for lunch at noon, had eaten by the time she arrived at 2. I set up the kennel (6X3X3') and let Spike run around on the deck in it. He was not impressed. In fact, he yipped his annoyance louder than I've ever heard him. When he quietened down, I opened the door and brought him back into the house.

The second batch came for supper 6-9pm. Spike was frantic over the chicken leftovers and actually bolted into the crate for the night, smelling the piece of meat I'd put into the dish. Funny dog. Fun companion.

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