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Friday, May 21, 2010

Spike vs. the Roomba

Spike barked up a storm and attacked the Roomba a few times this morning. He has decided it is not a friend, but an enemy. Having it come straight for him as he growled probably didn't help. He's very quick to distinguish between people and things. He's not inclined to nip even if I move him when he's barking. Nice. But he did try to take a piece of plastic out of the vacuum, which was paying no attention to him. He follows it into the hall and then comes back to have his ears scratched.

We went out for our morning walk in the rain. First, I trimmed his feet, face, and privates. He was not impressed. Somewhere along the line he's had bad grooming experiences, because he shies away from having his feet done and is very uncomfortable having his face clipped. I put the clippers away after doing his private parts - he was not going to let them near his face. It will take a while to get him used to grooming, I guess. His feet were getting long and dragging in mud, even when we toweled them off before coming inside. Much better now.

We will go for another job with the WalkyDog later today. Lucky dog.

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