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Monday, May 3, 2010

All's well on a Monday

Photos: before (left), and after (below)

Spike's sitting beside me. The pedometer reads 6340 steps - translate that by 4X? for Spike. We had a good walk together. He's so spunky when he comes back from a walk - I'm relaxed and ready to rest: he ready to fetch and play. He's begun to explore garbage cans, but drops everything at "No!" to come running back. We haven't had a disaster yet. A few times of marking the first day, and so far, so good since then. He's supposed to stop marking with neuter, but I'm hoping we're not too late for that - he'd like to stop at every post along the walk.

The vet checked him over Saturday, gave him a rabies and bordetella shot (kennel cough), and expressed his anal glands. Said all joints are sound, his ears have totally cleared up, and Spike's a good - as well as healthy - dog. He yelped once at the rabies shot, but not at anything else. Vet guessed Spike is probably 2-3 years old, should live a long time, and may have been well socialized as a pup.

I put Spike in the shower afterward with no resistance! and gave him a once-over with baby shampoo and a good toweling. Then it was time for a puppy clip. I cut the droop off his mustache and eyes, trimmed his feet, and clipped the long ear hairs so his ears dry quickly after walks in the rain. We might grow the ears long once they have been yeast-free for a while. He looks like a cute little black puppy, but is too well-behaved for any pup. W snapped a photo of Jono with Spike, and I'll post that presently.

Melissa and I took him for a walk yesterday after lunch and church - she said she'll come by for her dog-fix since Timo won't let them get a dog. (A man after his father's heart - but I expect he'll come around, like W did. She's warned him that if their kids want a dog, they'll get a dog. She's always wanted one, and her siblings had allergies so they couldn't have one.

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