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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vet visit

Both dogs are scrubby clean after their showers yesterday. As usual, Spike dries himself on the towel I put on the bathroom floor. Bella has to wait while my blowdryer shuts down a few times - overheating from the length of time it takes to dry her. I just sold my two unused dryers, a commercial floor stand and a Commander (for poodles) last week... before adopting Bella. Argh. Now I'll have to get another. I check out Craigslist. Someone has a used Commander - I write them and hope for a reply.

This morning Bella is curly - a human blowdryer just doesn't get poodles completely dry, even after an hour, so their hair seizes back up. When Spike comes out of the crate, his eye is swollen shut. It's oozing pus and light sensitive. What's happened? The first vet appointment we can get is 4.30 at our vet. I just can't make him wait that long. He is listless, lying down, not following me around the house. Bella stays with him, keeping her eyes on him from her bed under the desk. Usually she's wriggling and happy to lead us up or down the stairs. Not this morning. We skip our early walk.

The vet down the hill can fit us in at 10.30. Much better. I quickly sew up two double-fleece sweaters to pass the half hour before the appointment. Ready to get them into the car, but where are my keys? W's in Salt Lake Airport when he answer the phone - and it takes me another 10 minutes to find the the spare where he stores it. We are a few minutes late to the vet.

Spike lies down at my feet. Meanwhile, Bella bounces around the room, explores all the corners. She's quite happy and confident, running up to the vet for petting when Dr. C comes in. Bella gets a quick exam and vaccinations for rabies, bortedella, and distemper.

"She's in good shape except for one back tooth," says the vet. The doctor can't see how bad the tooth is: there's too much tarter on it. "Get a dental for her in about 6 months," she recommends. Bella is only 7.2 lbs. Is that too skinny?! "No, it's good for her size. Walking her will put a little muscle and maybe another pound on her, but that's all she should gain."

The dogs are the same height, but Spike weighs in at a sturdy 11.5 lbs. "He's chunky and muscular, and probably shouldn't gain any more," says the vet. He's been stealing Bella's treats if she doesn't eat them right away. She's more finicky and takes a while to get her food.

Apparently Spike's scratched his eye. That's it? "Don't let it get infected," says Dr. C. So, $207 later, armed with antibiotics for Spike and a rabies tag for Bella's collar, we head to the park across the street for a couple of loops around the trees. Both dogs are happy to be outside. Spike follows Bella, who takes a commanding lead and drags him along on the leash coupler. Their new coats are cute, but a bit loose: I'll have to adjust the velcro and shorten the straps. Bella keeps putting one leg through the neck as she darts here and there, Spike trailing behind.

An "almost-90" lady with a cute pug stops to exclaim on the dogs. We chat: she's walking "So I live longer. I'm not ready to die yet," she says. "My dog keeps me moving."

I check for email from the Commander dryer lady: "Come to Marysville, I've got one for you." It's $20 less than I got for mine, but has scratches and only one of the two attachments. No box. (Mine was in new condition, box and attachments unscathed.) Whatever. It blows like crazy, and that's all we need. I pick up a pair of dog boots for $5 (reg. $52). Now we need one more set and we can walk in snow and wet.

When I get to the counter, I've used my last check at the vet's and don't have enough cash. Who knows where the VISA card is? We drive to the bank down the street, get cash, back to the secondhand pet store, pay for the dryer and boots...

We're all ready for our 2pm breakfast when we get home. The dogs eat in their crates. There's not a trace of food in Bella's bowl, unlike the bits she usually leaves. They're glad to see me when I get them in an hour. A quick trip outside before we head to my office, where both dogs are relaxed and content.

"These dogs are costing us more than our kids!" W exclaims from the Atlanta Airport. Guess we can't send them to university, or that will be true!

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  1. We hope Spikes eye is better real fast. It sounds like you three had a very busy day! The sweaters sound like a very good idea!
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya