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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Exciting day

We started our early-hour walk at 7.30. W took one leash, I another, and the dogs walked together. Spike got pretty close to nabbing a fat squirrel, and Bella was right behind him. (Squirrel alert, photo below.)

After about 1 1/2 miles, Bella was dragging a bit, so W scooped her up and carried her home. Lucky dog! Meanwhile Spike was happy to stay on the trail. He scooted around the front entry rug to dry off while I hand-dried Bella.

They don't seem to mind the fleecy covers I made from a $3 blanket: I cut out leg holes, and safety-pinned the edges over the top. Comfy, warm, and inexpensive. 

After church (doggies crated), we had lunch and dessert to celebrate Rebekah's birthday. One of the children who shall remain unnamed left cocoa-nuts at the table (gift from a friend) and Spikey at them ALL. We induced throwing up with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, as recommended. Of course, I got to clean up the office where he did the dirty deed. He seems none the worse for wear. Unbelievable!

Bella's mom called - I had her on speaker phone so Bella could hear her in case her visit didn't work out. When I put Bella on the leash to "go outside" she walked to the center of the driveway and waited. She finally had to come in, but just before Nicolette came over, I put Bella on the leash again. Same thing - she was delighted! when her mom drove up. It was so cute to see Bella wiggle and dance for her. Bella enjoyed hugs and kisses, snuggled a bit, then lay down in her velour doggy bed and went to sleep.

As soon as Nicolette left, Bella ran to her crate and waited for me to put a towel on the foam floor. She jumped in with her chewey and fresh water, curled up, and got ready for a night's sleep. She whined a bit after about a half hour, and has settled down to sleep.

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