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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bella comes to play

Bella is a 6 year old female toy poodle, polite, housetrained, and friendly to people and dogs. She's come to our house to play this weekend.

Actually, we'd love to keep her, and will adopt her if all goes well. Her mom and family are in transition and advertised a good doggie to go to a new home. Meanwhile, we've been looking for a companion for Spike, who loves to play all day long. Since my stay-at-home job is studying, not full-time dogsitter, I thought he'd enjoy a playmate... besides me.

This morning, we all headed out the door for a 2 mile walk. They wandered along within a few feet of each other on long leashes. When I pulled them up for a few blocks of "Go-for-a-walk," (=walk close to me) Bella tugged a few times at first. Then they trotted alongside as though they had always been together.

They nosed out the treats I hid in my office, ate breakfast in their crates, and chased dog toys. Now they're sprawled on the floor, resting.

"Good doggie!" Oops, "...doggies!"

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