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Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday madness

What a day - I had so much fun I forgot to take pics. We picked up an unopened Frontline flea meds, dog raincoat, and Outward Hound booster. Bella whined all the way down, lying on the seat. As soon as I strapped her into the booster, not another peep! She could see out the side and front and was content. Spike loves his DogGone Device backpack and settled quickly into it so I could fasten his collar through the restraining loops.

We took a detour on the way home to the small dog park (off-leash) at Magnussen. There were at least a dozen dogs, from Cavalier Spaniels to pugs to Yorkies to poodle mixes. Spike ran around with all the dogs. First time in a half-dozen visits he hasn't just walked on the outskirts: Bella's good influence? She was a little hesitant, but got strokes from lots of adult dog-lovers, hung around the friendliest dogs, and sniffed her way around the half-acre. I heard very quiet growling when a dog would get too aggressive, but she never snapped or barked.

They ate lamb bones from my Sunday dinner in their crates (lamb is a non-vegan indulgence). Then it was time to come out and play and visit.

By 7, they were both tired. They quickly did their jobs outside, ran to their crates in the kitchen, and waited for me. Bella stood in front of her crate, hopped in the minute I opened the door, and Spike worked up his courage to jump into his crate above her. He bopped his head getting in last time, but this time around was a better effort. Straight in, turn around, lay down, chew the rest of the bone.

A Craigslist-er sent me 3 warm dog coats "on trust" that my check for $10 was in the mail. Yup. There's a nice fleece and furry black coat that will keep the dogs toasty on our walk in the morning.

For now, all is quiet and happy on the dog front. Time for me to hit the books for another hour or so without dog paws pleading for attention!

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