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Thursday, November 18, 2010

First wrestling match

It's been a cool wet week.  Ugh to Seattle winters. We get caught in a downpour on a bike ride yesterday. Both dogs have the animal print fleecies on under raincoats, but their legs are soaked.

I put Bella in the wicker basket after 2 miles. She isn't even panting, but the weather helps. Plus, we go a slow 4-7 mph for her. After she's up and out of harm's way, the pace picks up so Spike can run his mile at 8-10mph. He's a running monster for his size! When he stops tugging, we slow down to a gentlemanly 6mph trot.

He is happy all day long and she rests most the day. Bella walks off with Spike's toy in the afternoon. He's surprised and tries halfheartedly to tug it back. No giving in. She hangs on and keeps dragging it behind her (big long squeaky animal). He gives up in astonishment. Go Bella! He's always playing with her stuff, so I'm happy to see that she knows she can share his.

This morning when we get in from a short, cold walk (1.75 miles), the dogs have their first growling and wrestling match. No one is seriously dominating, so no one comes out on top. It's good fun, bouncing, tail wagging, "hey, buddy!" kind of play. Bella does her typical stomach-up surrender a few times, but Spike's sitting and lying down beside her most of the time, snarling wickedly as she barks at him. They don't even nip. Just bounce over one another, trot around the entry, and have fun. (like the photo below - not of them)

I am SO glad. They walked closer together today on a 20" coupler rather than the usual 40". I was too lazy to get the regular leash from the car. Yes, we walked by the car on our way up the driveway, but I would have had to take those keys, unlock the car, get the leash, relock the car, put the car keys back, etc. You get the picture. We walked past with our homemade solution.

I cobbled together my bicycling leg wraps (velcros that keep trousers out of the chain) and attached them to the dog collars and my leash; worked just fine. They trotted like ponies pulling a cart--me. And they walked beside me carefully on "Let's go for a walk."

They felt free to play around when we got back in. Now they're sleeping together in the next room. My office is very quiet with both of them snuggled on the sofa next door. There's a big smile on my face. Peace at last? Good doggies!


  1. Your dogs seem to have so much fun together and do so well on the leash. That must make for a very pleasurable walk...or bike ride for you.
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya and M.O.M.

  2. Yes, it does! I am pretty strict when they're "Walk"-ing, but the rest of the time they can roam as far as the leash and their coupler can go. They get along so well, which was one of the concerns when a new dog comes to live.

    Bella is not only beautiful, but well socialized. You can tell she has been raised by "good people" who love her. She only barks as warning when someone comes to the door. Otherwise, she's mellow and sweet. Spike keeps his eye on her; if she moves out of the room, he'll follow her until he's sure of where she is. Then he'll come back to me. Funny dogs.