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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby it's cold out there

Brrrrrr. We head out at 7.15. The dogs are awake and frisky. I'm still in a sleep warp as they drag me up the hill to the flat streets further on. They bounce around in the cold, not minding with their fleece and sweaters on. When I stop to take a photo, they run ahead and wait impatiently for me to get on with it and catch up.

There's no one else around this morning. It's 36oF - and I might have to slip on those dog boots if I clip Bella's feet short enough.

I'm thinking of doing a home-cooked diet since I'm always cooking. Today they eat the leftover stuffing I found from last Christmas: bread, bacon, celery, ground beef. No complaints!

In the afternoon I set up our new grooming table and give Bella face, foot, and sani trim. She's quite patient and looks cute afterward. Spike, who fights the groomer, tries to get away and turn his face but eventually we have both done. His feet are not as short or even, but shorter is better than longer when you're dragging in pinecones. $80 saved already on grooming fees. The table and noose were $75.

Bella does a good job of barking when Amanda come to decorate the Christmas tree with Jono. Spike chimes in to welcome her, but neither have any inclination to run around the yard: it's too cold to travel! We get a few snow flurries in our neighborhood, but the snow melts.

The dogs and I try to ignore the Christmas music while the kids decorate - those Chipmunks are singing Jingle Bells 'way too early!


  1. Smart investment, table and noose. I wish I had the nerve to do grooming.

  2. I sure wish I had a grooming table for Mistaya. Because the new groomer I went to after moving to our new home took it upon herself to shave Mistaya...she was scheduled for just a bath and blowdry! My cute miniature Austrailian pup looks nothing like her full coat self. So a grooming table would make it so much easier to blow dry her.
    Your dogs look so cute, warm and dry in their coats.
    Mistaya's M.O.M. Gail

  3. I got mine on Craigslist for $75. In new condition. You may have to wait for a price you like and snap it up. Use for alerts to when dog stuff comes onto craigslist.