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Friday, November 26, 2010

Reverse sneeze

Spike does this weird "reverse sneeze" that sounds like he's dying. I looked it up online at Sounds scary, but apparently isn't. I hold the sides of his rib cage and it stops. 

Because of the cough, I thought Spike might be allergic to dry food, so we have fed them homemade dog food for a few days. They LOVE it. Chopped and stirred: 3 c. brown rice, 1-2 eggs, 1 c. meat, 1 c. cooked vegs. I froze it in portion sizes - oh, those dogs can't wait to get into the crates to eat!

We went for a walk early this morning in the damp and cold. Ugh. Hate this weather. The dogs were very happy in their fleecy coats, and no boots on for warmer feet. They fairly scampered! 

They're off to Alexis' house while I travel. At home, our guys are taking care of the fish and plants. W picked up a nasty cold so isn't up to walking in the drafty winds. I'm really hopeful to have found good care: Alexis is an experienced dog owner with a big beautiful dog of her own so she's an experienced dog owner. Her mom walks their dog every day, too. And I am sending an inventory of dog stuff along.

Why an inventory? After boarding Spike this summer, we are still missing 2 leashes (one retractible), a red harness, a black collar for our Dog-Gone Device, and a stainless steel dog dish. 3.5 months should be time to find the gear, don'tcha think? We've had numerous "misses" (conversations initiated as hellos from the girl who watched Spike, with "howdys back" and appeals from me, "Please let me know when my stuff shows up. I'll come pick it up!") 

One day, she IM-ed hi, and mentioned they were moving to another town. What?! I showed up at their house during their garage sale, and they said they'd packed everything away  the day before. Sigh. What a pain on both sides, theirs (they feel I'm mean and harassing them by continuing to ask for my stuff) and mine (I'm out +$50 for gear I have to replace). 

I'd also never board a dog again with a self-avowed "pet lover" or dog walker without dogs of their own. The family had no idea how to handle a dog. They complained he wouldn't walk on the leash, wouldn't do tricks, and regressed on housetraining (he was completely trained at home before and after.) The gal's mom also insisted that I pay them more money the week before we left. Hmmm. Their lack of integrity with an agreed contract should have been my warning. However, it was too close to our summer trip to find someone else's home.

Live and learn! I love my good doggies. Have fun, Alexis!


  1. Dixie always gets that reverse sneeze thing whenever she gets excited. I will try the hold the nose trick next time. That is terrible that they lost so much of your dog's stuff.

  2. Ah, what can you do... live and learn. They seemed so nice when we met, too. We were thrilled with the dog sitter this time around. Made up for everything we went through with the others! And they loved our doggies, so we'll use them again.