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Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow and shower

When we walk out the front door after 7, a few flakes of snow are drifting from the sky. By the time we walk a block, we are in a full flurry. Our three lines of tracks, triangular dog toes and my solid treaded boots, meander up the hill and onto the crest. There's no one in sight.

Bella is feeling spunky. She drags Spike along until he finally digs in for his third effort at potty. She waits for him, then bounds down the sidewalk at a trot to the end of the leash. If they had not been on the line this morning, they would have been in Montana by now. Both have high energy, feel like running, and bounce around in the snow.

On our way home, our tracks have been obliterated. I slip and fall (no harm done) going down our steep street. I'd elected to skip exercise class at 6 because our slope gets so icy. Good call. I don't know that I could have gotten back up the street.

Once we get in the door, it is bath time. Spike goes first, since he'll dry himself off while Bella is getting her shampoo. I put a towel on the bathroom floor, and he flings himself around it every which way until he's nearly dry. Amazing.

On the other hand, Bella gets to try out the poodle dryer (Commander 4) I picked up secondhand. It almost blows her off the new grooming table, but she sits down firmly. She is a mass of fluff and puff when we finish trimming and combing. She looks very poodle-like, though she refuses to look at me for a standing photo.

The dogs run down the hall. Spike finds a toy, and begins to carry it. Bella seizes the fleece tails I've knotted around it, and tugs. They go back and forth with vigor, light growls, and pull-release to let the other drag them along the passage. It is very amusing to watch. I pick them up for their post-grooming photo, and they drop the toy.

Almost time for breakfast! Good doggies.

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