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Monday, November 15, 2010

First bike duo

We picked up some free dog food ("fresh from the freezer" according to the gal who apparently freezes dry dog food to keep it unspoiled). She's tidying before moving to Texas, so she threw in a few other things - small collars, harness, leash, and elizabethan med collar. Bella wore the "I'm a cool dog" T-shirt to sleep yesterday. Perfect fit.

Today is a damp day, but the doggies went for their first joint bike run. Because Bella is not used to the pace, we cruised at 4-6 mph for 2 miles. She clicks into a trot at 5mph, but it takes Spike until 8mph to do the same.

The rain was pelting down on their raincoats and my cycling rain trousers. I was so glad we geared up or we would have been soaked! Bella hunkered down, watching Spike run another 2 miles while sitting on the warm wool fleecy and secured by a carabiner in the wicker basket.

Spike is gaining weight with our reduced exercise while Bella strengthen her muscles. He's also been sneaking Bella's leftover food from her crate dish in the morning. (Now I'm making sure her crate is locked when we get up in the morning.)

When we got back to the porch everyone had a good shake-out and wiped their feet. Once inside, the famous scoot: Spike dries himself on the entry rug as usual. Bella runs along the sofas after I dry her with a towel. They were perky and happy to be inside, and hopped into their crates to eat their lunches.

We played a bit of fetch and everyone is resting. Good doggies!

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  1. It sounds like you three had a very good day. And the dog park sounds like so much fun! I wish we had one near here but we don't. That's why M.O.M. takes me to the Sea to do a lot of fun running. But being with the other dogs does sound like a great time at the park.
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya