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Friday, November 12, 2010

Finally Friday

It's been a working day for the dogs - this morning we took a longer-than-usual walk, almost 3 miles around the neighborhood. After a bit of food-searching and then lunch, I met a gal in Kirkland who passed along a fabulous PINK dog bed she wasn't using. She threw in some flea drops - yay for Freecycle!

Since we were halfway there, we went to Marymoor Dog Park. It's 40 acres of dog paradise. There are trails, grass, river beaches.

Today there must have been 50 dogs out with their owners. The retrievers were fetching balls and splashing around the river. The agility dogs were training. Most of the little dogs were doing what Spike and Bella did: sauntering around their owners (give or take 50 feet) and exploring the smells and textures.

I was a bit hesitant about the pace at which Bella has been thrown into Spike's world. She was surprised at all the dogs, but moved through them without snipping or growling. The golden retrievers and German shepherds might have been intimidating, but she let them sniff and then walked towards me when she was done.

I walk briskly, so had to call the dogs a few times when they lagged or cut trails through the meadows. They'd come running toward me full speed and zip along ahead. It's fun to see both of them hanging out.

Of course they had long naps this afternoon. Good doggies!


  1. Oh my goodness, you got Spike a girlfriend!!!!! He loved my dogs when he lived here. That is wonderful and she is beautiful!

  2. I know - she is the "curly" and sweet version of our strong and boyish Spike. They get along great - neither is a dominant dog, both quite independent but walk together well on the leash and look for each other if they're out of sight. They're the same height - but Bella is 7 lb and Spike 11. He looks like a weightlifter beside her dainty self. Very cute. Delighted with both, I must say.