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Sunday, June 27, 2010


We're back to dog smell. We've gone from Petco perfume to "au doggie." It's a relief. No pet should stink of artificial flowers.

After the yoga class Saturday, I took Spike to a new dog park. There are fences around 'natural' areas of trees and ferns. The dogs roam and run the cedar bark trails together. It's at least a coupla acres, so they have a good time. Rubbing shoulders with the big dogs quickly restored the fur scent!

When we got home after the park, Spike ran around the yard madly, getting the long leash wrapped up in shrubs (oh, the suffering of our little boxwoods as he barges between the trunks). He loves the bird food that drops under the cage because it has egg in it - but looks so guilty when I tell him to "leave it."

Spike is apparently not intimidated by any dog. He enjoyed playing with the bigger dogs. He ran around with them more and faster than he does with the little guys in the small dog park. Don't know if it's because he thinks he's a big animal (despite his size.) He was 1/3 the height of the next smallest dog.

"Did you wash him on warm and dry him on hot?" asked our son when he saw how tiny Spike looked today.

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  1. Remember he had to keep up with a boxer-pit, or should I say keep her in line!