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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last bitter pill to swallow

We're done! The last quarter-pill has disappeared down an eager throat. It's not that the medicine, prescribed by the vet for Spike's ears, is tasty. But dip it in peanut butter, stick on a few pieces of dried dog food, and YUM YUM. Down it goes!

Spike had a busy day outside in the courtyard, on his leash chasing mice. We are being overrun with mice, probably getting fat from feasting on the birdseed dropping from the finch cage. Ugh. I even found droppings in our old car.

The traps are set, then sprung without results. I may have to resort to poison in the woods where they nest. Spike can't get there because of the 4' concrete wall around the courtyard. Luckily, his leash is too short to go around the wall into the trees. It would be a final bitter pill for the rodents, to harm rather than heal (like Spikey's).

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