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Monday, June 14, 2010

Spin the doggie

It's another lamb-on-dry day for Spikey. (More lamb juice on his regular food). He fairly sprang into the crate to have his lunch.

He's a very tired pooch from all the activity yesterday... so he's been resting most of the day. Mind you, he got into the toybox this morning and was piling one Beanie Baby after another in a corner of the dining room rug. He he. I had to remind him they all belong to me, and he just gets to play with them.

He did get a lot of treats for "find" and "fetch" and is doing well on his invention = a doozy: "Spin!" He was leaping up for a treat ("dance" = walk on hind legs) and happened to turn around. So we did it a few times with a command. For pieces of lamb, of course.

Now, when he's desperate to be noticed, he waits until I am watching, gets on his hind legs, and spins. From his doggy brain: "C'mon. You should be trained by now. What kind of a dog friend are you? I did the trick, now hand over the treats. I mean it!" (upon which he adds another spin if necessary.)

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