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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Walking fools

This morning we did a 'short' two-mile walk, getting warmed up as the rain sprinkled on us. Then this afternoon when the sun came out, Spike jogged 3 miles while I rode my little Brompton. I'm getting to know my neighborhood in new ways - up hill and dale. This is not a flat part of the word. Makes me thankful for 1st gear on the 3-gear bike. We're walking fools.

There's something about terriers! Spike pulls on the lead or goes just to the end of the lead so there's a little slack, but he won't walk right at my side. Sigh - it's hard work training a determined little guy. He'll pay attention for less than half a minute, even after we slow or change direction. I think we'll hit a few obedience classes when summer is over and we're settled in.

Spike is lying beside my desk, snoozing. Almost time to go to the crate for the night. He's such a compliant little guy... on the surface. Someone somewhere must be missing this doggie. He is almost perfect. So glad he lives here! (Thanks again, Teri and the rest of you at POPP.)


  1. Melts my heart to read your blog, so glad you found Spike. I think he was suppose to be yours all along.