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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Before church, Spike found himself on the long lead outside the door. "Go outside," I begged him. Nope. He's determined to catch the little mouse that lives around the birdcage and catches its seed overflow. He twisted the long leash through the casters on the cage, in an around the rebar of the trellis, and through the shrubbery. Oh my, what a mess. I unclip him as I hang onto his collar. It takes a while to untangle the lead.

But he doesn't want to come inside. Some day he's determined to catch the mouse.

After I got home, I took Spike for a run on the bike. After 3 miles, he was panting but not done in. He got excited again the minute I clipped on the long lead. He's sure he's about to catch that pesky rodent. Finally I get him inside to unclip the leash.

Within a few minutes, we're out the door again. He's in his doggy-pack and gets lots of admiration when we arrive at our friends' house. I leave him in the car: it is cool, raining, and overcast. I have just a quick stop to make before we head home, back to a mouse hunt again, then inside for supper. Long fun day. I love Sundays.

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