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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Close shave

I've been clipping Spike's face and feet, but today he got a close shave at Petco. I couldn't believe it was the same dog... he lost a size or two along with 2" of hair. The lion tip of his tail is gone - he looks like a miniature version of a lab.

All day, Spike's been scooting along the floor, putting the horrible perfume of the groomer on the rugs. Ugh. Dogs are not meant to smell like cheap teenage cologne! His ears are short short short, in spite of the "short summer clip all over, but leave his ear tips long." Oh well, the groomer was busy, and I was delighted to have his toenails clipped, teeth cleaned, and face shaved.

We went for a walk to show him off, and got lots of smiles. It's back to the red harness: without neck hair, the collar can slip over his ears.

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