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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Race for the crate

When I got Spike, Teri warned me that he would go into his crate reluctantly, and be great once he was in. "You have to give him a push to get him in sometimes," she admitted.

Tonight I had to laugh. "Wanna go to bed?" I said aloud, unclipping the long leash that lets Spike roam the courtyard.

He barely let me help with "wipe your feet" on the entry rug before he belted his way into the kitchen, stood in front of his crate, and waited eagerly for me to open the door. He jumped in the minute the door swung aside, backing up to the far end so I would get out of his way.

Of course, I had put some drops of sardine oil on a few dry dog food pieces before I sent him outside. He's no dummy. There's always food of some sort waiting in the crate, even if it's just an Omega-3 fish oil capsule. From reluctant to racer.

Proving again, every owner trains their dog for their own priorities.

1 comment:

  1. Just like a kid, make a liar out of you everytime!!!!! Had I put food in my little crate I would have had a 60 pound dog stuck with her head in the crate trying to snitch his treat! That picture in my head just made me laugh!!!!!