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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Doggy park

After a 3 mile jog this morning, we had lamb for lunch. And that means juice on the dry food for Spike. He waited impatiently for me to finish making our lunch so I could get his to the crate. No sense in wasting peace and quiet; nice to have no one looking soulfully at us at the dinner table, so he usually eats in his crate while we're eating. Doesn't seem to mind, either.

We went to the small dog park after a quick post-lunch snooze. Between 5 and 10 dogs there at a time, people coming and going. Some people visit the park every day with their dogs. We've been twice, but will go again. It was breezy, the wind twinning the sunshine for pleasant temperatures.

It's interesting to see the temperament of dogs. Some dogs are cuddlers and stay near their owners. Others chase each other around, bounce off the edges, and bound through the grasses. Spike is not so much a runner. He's not a cuddler - once he knows where I am, he'll stroll by occasionally but not pay me too much attention. But he pees on every bush. Twice. And hangs out on the fringes of the pack. He doesn't get rowdy or excited, but is curious and aloof. Doesn't mind the whole sniffing thing, as long as no one puts a paw on his shoulder. "Back off, Buster!" says his body language.

He let me know when he was done. Walked over and stood in front of me until l asked, "Want to go for a walk?" He walked around the park with me, not leaving until I clipped on the leash and walked back to the car with him. He showed no interest in any dogs on our way out.

When we got home, he disappeared into the kennel on the porch for an hour to chew the lamb bone. He especially loves the joint - it disappears completely. The raccoons will be by tonight to get what he left (not much). His breath is sweet, unlike the smelly doggy breath after dry dog food.

He's worn out - sleeping beside me as I type. Won't be long and he can sleep in his own bed and I in mine. I love Sundays, a day of rest. What a good God - who else would have thought of how to make his creations rest, rather than work harder!

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