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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reward and punishment

Well, rewards for Spike, anyhow. And punishment for me - poop on the DR rug, which I suspect were left earlier today. I took Spike "outside" 5X before 2pm, so there is no reason he should have given me such a present. It was raining when we went out, so maybe he didn't feel like lingering. Ugh.

The rewards were many: he gets a little piece of dog treat for every trick he'll do. Come, down (he's an expert at that now), sit, go outside, go to bed (crate), dance (walk on hind legs), and - wonder of wonders - he fetches for food treats. Practically tosses the toy at me and sits right in front of me, panting "C'mon, where are the goodies?!"

We put him in the little 4X8X4' covered kennel on the back porch while we went for supper. I was worried a few weeks ago that "something" could get him because the lamb bone had disappeared. However, we found that the cat next door is pretty handy with his paws, and sticks them through to snag leftovers. So Spikey is safe enough, especially with the little doghouse at one end, though I wouldn't leave him out overnight.

He hadn't touched his toys. He was wagging his tail at the door impatiently, waiting for me to get him as soon as he heard the car drive up. He could hardly stand still long enough for me to get a leash on him to take him up the driveway and back inside.

Nice to be so eagerly anticipated and awaited! Can't remember our teen children ever being that excited when W and I walked in the door. HA HA

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