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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Road trip

We had to pick up some goodies in Tacoma, which is an hour's drive away. The dogs perk up their ears at the double-beep of the remote unlock and run over to the vehicle. They hop into the car as soon as the back door opened.

Bella, our athlete, jumps easily into her perch. Spike, who's had a few misses and tangles with straps, waits anxiously to be lifted up into his seat.

Once we're underway, the dogs look out the windows and stay alert. But as you can see from the photos, if we park, they drift off to a comfy sleep, heads resting on the sides.

We found lambswool fleeces for each seat, originally designed for smallest crates. The corners of the fleeces have slits to let them fold up to fit. So Spike and Bella have luxury bedding! which may be why neither dog minds the trip and the ride. Plus they are social: they just like to be with their people.

I had never heard Spike bark before, but someone walked by and he set up a ruckus. Interesting what dogs know about people that we are oblivious to. Good doggies!

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