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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dogs are a good thing

Well, it was another day when the dogs got me up and out the door early. I would have curled up with my books to study in bed rather than hitting the trail. I guess it's a good thing they're around!

They had a good day, Spike was restless enough to walk the treadmill for 20 minutes AFTER our morning walk. Breakfast was leftover rice and organic roast beef & gravy - they scarfed it down in 2 minutes, then wanted to get out of the crates and run around again. Good doggies!

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  1. I still need to get busy and teach my two girls to walk on my treadmill. We get a lot of rain here so that would really help! We did have a beautiful walk in the pretty sunshine today too!
    M.O.M., Mistaya and Maggie