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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Barkers does it again!

Bella looks wonderful after the groomer at Barkers, Yvonne, a Hollywood pro, finishes with her! I have just gotten home when I get a call to come get Bella... and she looks amazing.

"My, her hair grows fast," said the groomer. "She has a nice thick coat, so we can cut in a tall topknot." Yvonne wants to know if I want Bella to grow out a show topknot, banded back from her face. Maybe. It would keep her hair out of her eyes. But... she already looks like a show dog and doesn't need more fancy do's.

Spike sniffs around Bella, who smells like shampoo and conditioner. There's no extra respect for the good-looking gal though... he horses around with her, tugs toys, and grows as she challenges him for a beef bone. Good doggies!

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