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Monday, April 18, 2011

Big hit

The dogs were a big hit outside a little vegan cafe. Dog-lovers stopped to pet them, while W and I kept an eye on them through our window view. They kept their eyes on us, too.

Spike raised a ruckus when some homeless fellows wandered by, while Bella figured out how to hop up on a wicker chair with Spike on the other end of the coupler: she went straight up, not moving her collar from standing at chairside, just rotating her hips up and onto the seat. She's quite amazing.

Spike or Bella left a "present" for me under the piano again. Honestly, I'm at whit's end. Every once in a while one of them just poops in the house, regardless of my letting them out every 2-3 hours. They never mess in the crate, so I know they can hold it. Very irritated with the dogs... but it hasn't happened for a few months, so I guess they are very good doggies.

After breakfast, they played tug-of-war with a new Kong stuffed animal. Then they fetched separate stuffed toys - until I tossed Bella's under the piano... which is when she refused to fetch from that corner of the LR. And that's when I found Spike's ... or Bella's ...mess. Ugh.

They're both awfully cute. Bella is asleep in a corner and Spike is pestering me for attention. Good doggies.

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