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Friday, January 7, 2011

Wet week's end

It looked gloomy and I'd slept through my normal 6am fitness class. So I thought a quick dog bike n'jog would do the trick. We went about 4 miles, with both dogs still energetic and bouncy when we got home. It had taken us almost 1.5 hours with all the non-potty stops along the way. Argh. It started to rain while we were waiting for Spike to do his 'business' (which he refused to do). We rode up and down the streets, waiting, walking on lawns, etc. No luck, but he hasn't pooped in the house so I don't know what is up.

Bella is definitely keeping up the pace and distance without strain. She's the one tugging to go faster and further while Spike trots alongside as though he's working.

In the afternoon I picked up a crate dryer and met the owner of Barkers in Edmonds, an affordable dog grooming business. I'll definitely use her services for ears, nails, etc. which the dogs don't like having done.

The dogs were happy in their Outward Hound car boosters as usual. Those have to be another "best find" on Craigslist. They make any trip a pleasure as the dogs hop in without complaints and can safely look out or snooze in comfort. It's pouring rain outside, but the dogs are pawing at their crates where night-time treats await. Good doggies.

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