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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Learning to wait

Spike has settled down since Bella has arrived. He trots along with his Outward Hound jacket, pockets filled with stones. He takes his job seriously and holds Bella back, making her walk beside me rather than lunging in front.

Spike and Bella met a pair of lively sheepdogs at the far end of the neighborhood. The other hounds were barking up a storm, but settled down when the owner sat them down and made them visit. Spike peed on the lady's boots before I caught him. I apologized profusely.

She said, "Oh, dogs! Don't feel bad. My two have tried every trick on me already." Maybe Spike smelled something on her boots.

Today was a reading day for me, so after our walk through the neighborhood, we settled into the conservatory. The dogs got treats a few times for being settled (tiny garlic liver cubes).

Bella loves her camo bed and stays snuggled up most of the time. Spike is restless, snoozing for 15 minutes and then on the go again. When I took an afternoon nap, they wrestled each other on the floor and then curled up together on the sheepskin rug beside the bed.

After supper, I dipped some dry bread into lamb gravy and put it into their crates for bedtime. They couldn't hop in fast enough! Good doggies.

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