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Monday, January 10, 2011

Cesar's way

Yesterday I picked up a free treadmill, which W and Jono plunked in the LR so I'd have a chance to see if it works. It's not for me, but for the dogs. Cesar Milan recommends two walks a day with our cute beasties, and I can't afford the time! I put Spike and Bella on the treadmill with no problem. I stood on either side and they were off and walking. No hesitation, no noise either.

Bella slipped off the back once when I lost hold of her collar, but otherwise they did fine. Spike is heavier than Bella and a road hawg. He tries to stay in the middle, crowding her off to the side. We'll work on that!

On the morning walk, Bella showed off new social skills: she started with her usual growl-and-hide when other dogs approached, but then shaped up to sniff and walk nicely with two separate packs from the neighborhood. Spike was his usual friendly self.

They got a bath in the afternoon. Spike did his usual scoot on the towel to dry off. Bella tried out the cage dryer I picked up on the weekend: in a half hour she was reasonably dry and oh-so-curly. I shaved her face, feet, and privates and told her she was very pretty.

Spike is never happy to have his face done and kept bucking away. I decided to have a go at other body parts first. The regular blade slipped through his fur, so I tackled him with the short blade. Oh, oh. The poor dog shrank two sizes with 2" less of hair. He looks smaller than Bella with his new crewcut.

Both dogs were frisky after we finished: they ran around the house, flipped toys in the air, and raced over for petting. After work, W played with them for a while, then admired their new moves on the treadmill. W and Jono carried that piece of heavy equipment up to my office: when the dogs get too energetic, we shall work off some of their liveliness.

They got the last little piece of smoked farmer sausage to hop in their crates for the night. Happy, clean, impatient to "go to bed"... but such good doggies!

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